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Your life. Your Cult. Your way.
(More or Less)

Times are tough. About half the country has radically different beliefs than your own. And don’t even get me started on the world, so damn big and complicated. Surely, you think, someone has got this figured out and I can maybe just follow them. But then you think, can I really join…a cult? I mean, do I have the time? Do I really want to give up all my money and my stuff? Can I really just abandon my friends and family? Should I really just turn my back on the religious and/or spiritual beliefs that I’ve already been indoctrinated with? And what about all that ritualistic sexual abuse, am I really up for that?

Finally a cult that fixes all of that. Keep your job! Keep your friends and family! Spend as little as a few minutes a month of your precious time! Don’t subject yourself to ritualistic sexual abuse! And keep all but about $5 of your hard earned money ($25 if you want the cool t-shirt).

Finally, a cult you can live with. Start living.

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