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So, why exactly should I join this facacta cult?

Top 10 reasons to join ACAN:

10) For once, a good response to “what have you been up to?”

9) A community without all those pesky relationships.

8) No social media presence.

7) It will not exacerbate shoulder pain, I promise.

6) Be able to piss people off by telling them you joined a cult.

5) Just. Something. Different.

4) What else were you going to do today that was sooooo special?

3) To see just what the hell it’s all about.

2) So damn little to lose.

And the number on reason for joining the ACAN cult:


1) No ritualistic sexual abuse!



Okay, you almost have me. but what exactly do we at ACAN believe, what are we about, I mean a cult has to have something going for it, some kind of a vision or a purpose, right?


Yes and no. Still of a bit of a work in progress to be honest. But all the more reason to get in on the ground floor. I’m not super ambitious and will likely welcome input to some limited extent. We are mostly defined by what we are not and the things we don’t stand for though also don’t stand against. While probably best defined as “a cult about very little”, we are about honesty, transparency, and absurdity. And maybe a relatively low sugar diet? Maybe the joys of non-sexual physical intimacy. Like I said, kind of a work in progress.

So is this just some kind of joke? Or is this for real?


Oh this shit is real! No one can deny us cult status if we insist we are so! So join me and let’s make ACAN the biggest, baddest (in a benevolent way) bestest cult there is!

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